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Due to technical issues between the smart contracts of two sales, we have decided to cancel the first sale that reached the hardcap of 300 bnb in 5 days. At 15.30 utc of 11th april the sale has already been canceled and early investor can now withdraw their funds.
We've worked with bscstarter very hard to find a solution that could allow the finalization of both the sales, but it's not simple and it would have delayed too much the launch of env token.
Now we want to start from the scratch, showing to the investors that we believe in the project and we are ready to start it with the right foot. We want to make a new sale on the same platform dxsale, starting from 18.00 utc, merging the goals of the two original sales, and keeping the same conditions. To prevent instant dump on listing we’ll change the listing price from the original 0.002 to 0.0016. Early investors from the first canceled sale will receive the promised extra 20% in may, as announced before.
If you contributed to the first sale you can withdraw your funds visiting the link https://dxsale.app/app/pages/defipresale?saleID=4&chain=BSC, and clicking the Withdraw Funds button.

1 - I have been burned before - Is this project legitimate?

This is legit. We are here to make a difference.

2 - How long has the project been in development up to this point?

About 1 year from the first idea to the final design.

3 - Do you already have contacts in the environmental space?

We've written to many environmental  project managers regarding partnership. I think that in a couple of days we can publish some initial projects to fund.

We have close contacts with some NGOs, and we are in communication about official partnerships.

4 - Are you qualified to start a project of this type?

We are 3 co-founders - all holding masters degrees in our fields of IT engineering, business management, supply-chain management and communication technologies. In addition we have two consultants/managers on-board. Also we hired another engineer after 10th of April

5 - You posted a cryptic message on twitter regarding NFT’s… what’s that about?

In the roadmap we've put NFT, but not for becoming an auction house or to sell digital art. We think that NFTs could become an environmental certification, for individuals and for organizations. There are many international certifications to prove the eco-sustainability of a building or a service, and ENV NFTs could become a transparent digital certification that anyone can check at any time - preventing fraudulent actors in the environmental space.

6 - When will you partner with Greta Thunberg?

Maybe we are still too young to have these personalities as promoters, but when we grow enough we'll try to reach them!


7 - How can i buy ENV coin?

Here: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/defipresale?saleID=950&chain=BSC

8 - How does it actually work? do I have to transfer the amount to the pre-sale address? and how do I get my tokens?

You add your BNB to the presale here: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/defipresale?saleID=950&chain=BSC, after the presale is complete you go back to DxSale and you can claim the ENV tokens to your wallet

9 - Dxsale Not displayed correctly

on Windows OS try refresh your browser cache with CTRL+F5, on Mac OS try SHIFT+CTRL+F5

10 - How there this awesome project is lacking of contributing?

We are working on marketing. And to get early partnerships. We're sure we can achieve the dxsale goal until presale end

11 - Ok, when is PCS listing? After BSCStarter?

Yes, listing on PancakeSwap whill happen right after the sale, or when hardcap is reached


12 - Btw have you bot accounts in this group bcoz the group is so quiet

As I already explained before, we've had a big mess yesterday (2021-03-03) with a marketing agent. We paid for organic growth , and he added random people. We are trying to clean the group

13 - Do you have any video where we can see you?

We've been asked for an ama. We have scheduled it between 11th of April and the end of the sale the 18th of April

14 - Was there any vide AMA or anything simillar confirming the team is who they say they are?

It's scheduled for the this week. Soon some video content interview.

15 - About marketing ?

We’ve started many campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Youtube. We also have a collaboration with BSCDaily and we are looking for other promotional channels.


16 - Hi, can you clarify the purpose of the mint function in the contract?

Hi mint function has been disabled today (2021-04-03). Here's the TX with mint disable function triggered


17 - Apparently this (cit. Freeze Function) lets you pause all trading, another worry of mine which wasnt addressed in the FAQ. Looks like a promising project so far but want to be sure

They are standard function we wanted to have in the contract, but not really think to use them

18 - How will donating to projects actually work?

Donations will be locked in a smart contract, until the threshold of the project is achieved. Then the rewards will be distributed to contributors proportionally. We've been working on a balanced mechanism that wants to prevent token emission that can unbalance the market supply. So there will be a cap for projects funds, proportioned to the market supply. 

19 - Do you have an audit ?

Yes, it was developed by Techrat.org, you can find it here And here

20 - How will the rewards system work?

We've been working on a contract that rewards contributors proportionally to hte amount they donated. The reward could be around 5%/10% depending on the project and the community will have the possibility to take this decision in the future.

21 - Where is the smartcontract ?

You can find the source here
BSCScan link https://bscscan.com/address/0x4D2b1966F347E48B2d247F684d7677854083E4AB

All these questions are answered completely in our whitepaper, which can be found here: WHITE PAPER